• Princess Ballet

This is a beginner class focused on learning the very basics of ballet and is grouped by age. Students will also learn to stretch while incorporating pretend princess play and princess stories! 

• Kindermoves

This is a creative movement class designed to appeal to preschoolers. Balls, scarves, hoops, obstacle courses, mat skills, and creative dances are just some of the props and activities that make up this action-packed class. 

• Cheer & Pom

This one hour combo class is a great starting place for new dancers. The pom aspect of the class focuses on alignment, technique and fluid style, while the cheer portion works on performance aspects such as strong arm motions, formation awareness and stage presence. The two styles complement each other well as one builds a technical foundation while the other sharpens and strengthens. Students will learn a pom routine with poms that continue to progress in content and complexity.


• Floor Gymnastics

Classes are grouped by age and/or ability. Students will learn basic floor gymnastics skills through individual and group instruction. Students learn how to improve flexibility, strength and balance. Each student will be taught based on his/her own limits and encouraged to master skills to his/her ability. Courses cover basics like rolls, splits, headstands, handstands, walkovers, etc. Students also work on loco motor skills to improve coordination, agility, and strength. Metro Movement is an official USA GYMNASTICS member club.



• Hip Hop & Jazz Fusion

This is a class that every child wants to take! It focuses on hip hop and jazz technique and style seen in pop culture today. Children will work to increase flexibility, learn and practice dance skills and elements, and will learn a routine to perform to a popular song. 

• Zumba

In this one hour class students will learn hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo and other styles in an aerobic style movement class.  This is sure to get your child moving and having fun!


• Yoga

This class will improve flexibility and range of motion, as well as, improve body strength.  Children will learn meditation, breathing, and calming exercises all while having fun.